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How far in advance should I book my PWB experience?

We typically book events six to 12 months in advance. However, it’s always best to book your beauty squad as soon as you know your wedding date, especially if it’s a popular time of year. We’d hate for you to miss the opportunity to work with us!

I never wear makeup, and I have no idea what my bridal style is. What would you suggest?

This is why we always stress the importance of a trial!

Your trial appointment provides us with the important opportunity to get to you know, and your bridal style. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what style is right for you! We’ll ask questions that help us determine which direction to go in. Sample questions include:

  • What is your personal style?

  • What would you generally wear for makeup on a night out with your fiance?

  • Are there any makeup trends you love but are afraid to attempt yourself?

  • Are there any makeup trends that you absolutely hate?

It’s also helpful if you bring a photo or two for inspiration. The trial is your time to have fun and play around with different options - feel free to express your thoughts, opinions and ideas freely!

I see that you’re based in New England. What are your specific coverage areas?

We provide best-in-class onsite glam services for brides-to-be from all over the New England region, ranging from the northernmost point in Maine, all the way down to the southernmost point of Connecticut, and every place in between!

Not sure if we cover your area? Send us an e-mail, we’d be happy to discuss the specifics of your big day.

I’m a bride-to-be based in Massachusetts, but my future husband grew up in Raleigh, N.C. Our nuptials will be taking place down there - is there any way you’re willing to outside the New England region?

We are always open to exploring new places!

Although, some locations may require additional fees to offset travel and hotel expenses. These fees are typically determined on a case-by-case basis, so please email us with all your wedding details and we’d be happy to discuss it further.



Can you give me a detailed rundown of how the morning of my wedding will go?

Absolutely! Once we confirm your booking, PWB will send you a schedule that provides an incredibly detailed timeline of who, what, where, when and how. We’ll set up the day’s events in a manner that makes sense for you and your bridal party, and we welcome your suggestions on which members of your bridal party will sit in the hair/makeup chair first, or last.

As your wedding day approaches, we will work with you to revise the schedule, if necessary. Once the schedule has been agreed upon, we’ll provide you with a final draft. We suggest providing your entire bridal party with the finalized schedule, ensuring everyone is on time and there are no hiccups along the way! That way, the only thing on your mind is your future hubby.

How much time should we allot for your services?

Depending on this size of your bridal party, we typically suggest a timeframe of approximately 40 minutes per service.

We’re firm believers in excellent communication, which is why we’re constantly in touch with our brides in the weeks leading up to the wedding - we strive to create a wedding-day schedule that provides ample time for you and your bridal party to get glam, while kicking back in a relaxing and stress-free environment.

How many other events will your team be working on my wedding day? I don’t want to be rushed.

Typically, our services are limited to one event per day. We promise that you will never feel rushed or overlooked by our artists, as we fully understand that this is an incredibly special day. In the rare instance that our team does have an event booked after yours, we take every precaution to ensure there is ample overflow time.

Tell me more about the specific hair and beauty products you use.

Each of our artists curates their personal beauty kit based on his or her go-to glam products. While the specific brands may vary from artist to artist, we commonly lean on the world-class products from the following brands.

How long will your team stick around after our glam session?

Once we’ve ensured that you and your bridal party are completely satisfied with your beauty experience, it’s typically time for us to hit the road, and let the ceremony commence!

However, we’re more than happy to book an artist who is able to stay throughout the wedding for touch ups - an hourly rate is applied, and we do require advanced notice to ensure it will not conflict with another appointment.

This hourly, add-on service is perfect for the bride who wants to ensure that nothing gets in the way of looking her absolute best all night. So go ahead and shed that extra tear at the altar, give your hubby free rein to smear some frosting on your face, and dance the night away knowing your on-site artist will keep you looking perfectly sweat-free!

What will happen if you’re sick or have an emergency on my wedding day?

While we hope this type of situation would never arise, life can be unexpected at times. Please be assured that PWB will do everything possible to ensure an emergency situation does not affect your big day; we have a pool of talented, trustworthy artists in our network who are always just a phone call away and willing to step in on a moment’s notice!



Tell me more about the custom robes that are part of the PWB experience.

PWB works in conjunction with a trusted third-party supplier of customized satin bridal robes. Through our partnership with Pretty Robes, we’re able to offer our clients an exclusive discounted rate on their robe purchase.

Tell me more about the specific hair and beauty products you use.

Each of our artists curates their personal beauty kit based on his or her go-to glam products. While the specific brands may vary from artist to artist, we commonly lean on the world-class products from the following brands.

Will I be provided with the option to purchase some of the beauty items you used on my wedding day?

During your makeup trial, your artist will discuss product options with you, and can always give you a list of the products he or she used on you.

We always recommend purchasing whatever lip products are used on your wedding day, or selecting a similar lip color from your stash at home for applications throughout your wedding.

My skin is extremely sensitive/I have severe acne. How can we ensure that your methods/products won’t aggravate my skin?

We completely understand the fear and stress that can come with having troublesome skin!

Our lead makeup artist, Colby Correnti, is also a licensed aesthetician, and has worked with a wide range of skin types, conditions and ethnicities. If you suffer from troublesome skin, it may be worthwhile to consider requesting Colby as your artist when booking your event with PWB.

Additionally, we do carry products in our kits that are fragrance free, allergy tested, soothing to inflamed skin, ensuring they won’t cause further breakouts!

If the potential of breaking out or having a reaction is a major concern for you, please feel free to bring any products that you typically trust on your skin; we would be happy to add them into your makeup application process.

I have a tattoo on my arm that I do not want to be visible on my wedding day. Are you able to cover that with makeup in a natural way?

Absolutely! Please be sure to book a trial so that we’re able to discuss the coverage and necessary products ahead of time. Additional fees may apply, depending on the size and location of the tattoo.

How can you ensure my makeup will look gorgeous all day and all night?

We rely on high-quality beauty products and our incredible expertise to create a look that lasts as long as possible, within reason. While we specialize in providing a lasting application, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that sweat, tears and cake will not eventually affect your makeup application. To enhance the longevity of your makeup application, we suggest opting for airbrush foundation.

Help! My makeup artist cancelled last minute, and my wedding is this Saturday. Is there any chance you’re available?

We’re so sorry to hear that! There’s always a chance that we might be available to step in last minute. Shoot us an email with your event date and we’ll do our very best to help!



What kind of snacks does your team provide?

The snack selection that is provided during your PWB experience is personally crafted to your individual needs and tastes.

My maid of honor is vegan. Do your snack options accommodate dietary restrictions?

As a vegetarian myself, I completely understand how stressful it can be to find dining options that accommodate your specific diet. That’s why we at PWB put the utmost care into our snack selections, ensuring that those with dietary restrictions and allergies aren’t left out. We promise to always do our absolute best to accommodate any member of your party in regards to this aspect.  

Here is a sampling of past menus:

  • A crudités platter of various fresh, sliced and whole raw vegetables complete with ranch and vinaigrette dipping sauces

  • An arrangement of six freshly sliced fruits and a creamy, honey yogurt dip

  • A plating of gourmet cheese selections and assorted nut-free crackers

  • A selection of freshly-baked bagels in various flavors with a cream cheese spread

  • Individual yogurt cups with a selection of granolas and fresh fruit

  • An assortment of various chips, pretzels and crackers

  • A basket of gluten- and dairy-free pastries

  • A selection of petite sandwiches and salads

Had your eyes set on something different? We’re more than happy to come up with a menu that is unique to you! Please note that some cuisine selections may require an additional fee.

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